This is the Shadowrun world, after things have gone wrong.

The races that mutated in the shadowrun back-story breed true, so they still exist.

When the last of the dragons died, magic started to fail.

Because so much of technology had become somewhat magical, technology failed too, as people didn’t know how to work with it any more.

Violence ensued, and most of the world’s population died. The corporate governments closed down, and the arcologies were emptied and sealed. The remaining people were left on rotting streets in the shadows of huge crumbling buildings, living off the earth that no longer wanted to support them.

The player characters live in a tribe in the shadow of the Aztechnology pyramid, one of the largest of the old arcologies. When they are attacked and driven off their meager farmlands by a larger tribe, they put together a team to explore inside the arcology for something they can use to gain an edge over their enemies, or just to create new resources they can live on.

This is where our story starts.

Available races – Orc, Troll, Dwarf, Elf, Human. Non-human race choice must be included in an aspect.
There is no magic left in the world.
There are still basic firearms, but only hand-loaded ammo. The fancy guns stopped working long ago.
Very few explosives still exist, they are rare and expensive.
Nobody really understands computers or tech any more. Some automated systems may still run (like the exterior defenses of the arcologies), but nobody is left to repair or build them.


The Arcology RichardHensman